​Moose JAw South Central
Regional Intersectoral





  1. Children get a good start in life.
  2. Youth are prepared for their future.
  3. Families are strong.
  4. Communities are safe.

priority areas 2015

Together we are better...

 at improving the well-being of all children, youth, families and communities in the Moose jaw south central region.


Through shared resources we can better support and facilitate the combined work of our departments, agencies and communities in providing a seamless service system to children and families.


The Moose Jaw South Central Regional Intersectoral Committee seeks to create and sustain an urban/rural community in which citizens live safely, productively and harmoniously with their basic needs met and with opportunities for personal, social, cultural, physical, spiritual and economic development accessible to all.

Awareness and clarification of human service strengths and challenges
  • Share and exchange information between members and their organizations, the community and other stakeholders;
  • Undertake regular needs assessments;
  • Provide guidance and support to the community to identify and address human service needs.
Focused response to identified human service needs
  • Implement the “Action Planning Process”, assist to compile action planning reports and implement strategies;
  • Commit to more immediate and sustained resource allocation toward high impact action plans;
  • Assess results including statistical measurements of change (qualitative and quantitative)
Stakeholder engagement informing decisions of integrated human service delivery
  • Host community forums around human service strengths and challenges;
  • Engage the community in needs identification, and development of action strategies;
  • Assist with capacity assessments to address gaps and integration needs;
  • Respond to community requests for action; and,
  • Work with the community to evaluate and celebrate success