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Locally food security is based on the availability and accessibility to healthy, safe and nutritious food for everyone. There is a push for communities to have more local offerings.  Growing the local food system is a win for the economy, the environment, and the community.  

The food system in a community is based on more than just consuming food.  The food system starts with planting, growing and harvesting.  From here food must be processed and distributed. Next, food must be accessed and prepared for consumption. Finally, food waste must be recovered. 

There are many stops along the food security road. Some individuals might need to access emergency food services from a food bank or shelter while others may struggle to have available funds to purchase healthy food for their families or lack the skills and knowledge to prepare it.

Food security impacts all facets of society. Food insecurity affects everything from quality of life, healthcare costs, the economy and the ability for individuals to work and learn. Creating a more food secure region is beneficial to us all. 



Melanie Warken 
Public Health Nutritionist
Five Hills Health Region
306.691.1536 or

Jennie Wilson
Community Gardens Coordinator
Hunger in Moose Jaw
306.692.1916 or 

If your values align with our vision and goals, consider getting involved! We welcome a variety of members who have an interest in addressing food security in our communities. 


Regular Meeting Time:

4th Thursday each month  

1:30 to 3:00​ pm

@ 432 Main St. N




1. Promote local food choices and resources
2. Build capacity through community kitchen programs
3. Advocate and education the community on food security
4. Perform an environmental scan to identify gaps in the food system
5. Explore the development of a Community Food Centre 

Support Financially/In-Kind
To achieve our goals, it takes team work! We are working towards finding financial support to perform a regional food system assessment to better understand how food gets from the field to the fork in the South Central Region.  Any funds the Network receives will go a long way towards reaching our vision of a healthy, sustainable region. 

Join the SCFSN
We are always looking for ways to increase access and build capacity, if you want to join in and offer your inspired ideas we welcome you to contact us.

Join the 100 Miles of Food Producers Directory
Are you a local producer within a 100 mile radius of Moose Jaw?  Send us your information and we would be happy to add you to our directory. 

The South Central Food Network aims to educate and engage communities in self-reliance, dignity in food access, needed reform for the food system, environmental sustainability and the cultural significance of food. 

We envision all people, at all times, having the physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary requirements and preferences to live an active and healthy life. (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, 1998)

We are simply people helping people through collaboration and active participation.  All of our partners are working to improve accessibility to safe, nutritious food and clean water for everyone.