Few topics are capable of starting a conversation among a wide number of people. One such topic that can raise a serious debate is the use of cannabis oil for cancer treatment. One group of people claims that numerous studies and research on cannabis have been carried out and it has been seen that active compounds found inside the cannabis plant and the oil can effectively treat cancer. However, another group of people strongly rejects the theory. They claim that cannabis being a drug should not be used for treating cancer.

Only time can tell if cannabis should be used for the treatment of cancer in the near future. For the time being, it is important to learn the importance of cannabis oil. Also, one should know how the oil is able to treat cancer by killing down the cancer cells.


Cannabis, also known by the name of medical marijuana is a form of psychoactive drug. It is obtained from Cannabis Sativa plant. It can be used for medicinal and recreational purpose.

Cannabis Oil Effects

In order to treat the tumors, the oil of the plant is basically used. The oil contains high amount of cannabinoid compounds in them. In fact, the anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer property of the cannabis oil for cancer is solely responsible for curing cancer. Basically, the cannabinoids present in the oil creates a wide range of effect on the cancer cells. They are: cannabis oil for cancer

  • It prevents the division of the cancer cells.
  • It triggers the death of the cancer cells through the process of apoptosis.
  • It can also prevent the growth of the tumors.
  • It also reduces the chance of the tumor cells to spread all across the body.

These effects mainly happen because the cannabinoids gets locked on the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptor cells. Cannabinoids mainly activates the cancer receptor cells. This, in turn, increases the synthesis of ceramides. When the ceramide level increases a health vell usually dies, however, in case of the cancer cell, the increased ceramide level makes a slight change within the mitochondria. The Cytochrome C gets pushed out from the nucleus of the cancer cells. Hence, it cuts off the energy supply of the cancer cells.

How It Works?

Most importantly, cannabinoids of the cannabis oil for cancer works in tandem to bring the death of the cancer cells. Research has shown that the increased ceramide level will result in a genotic stress on the cancer cells. It leads to the production of a protein named p53. The protein is solely responsible for causing disturbance with the calcium metabolism of the mitochondria. Moreover, it obstructs the pathway of survival of the cancer cells. Thereby, it rings the death of the cancer cells.

Apart from providing relief from chemotherapy related pain, the oil can also kill the cancer cells.

Numerous trials and researches have shown that cancer patients are trying to go for alternative treatment programs for cancer like cannabis oil for cancer. The reason to use cannabis oil is that they are comparatively cheaper and it can effectively kill down the cancer cells by literally starving it to death. However, this alternative treatment should be always used along with chemotherapy.